Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements, nothing can be done without hope and confidence

We at JKG believe that the objective of the education is not only to make children literate but to mould them in such a manner so that they discharge their social obligation in a better way and become good citizens of the country.

Observing the present scenario our institution is deeply committed towards imparting education to children and preparing them to face the challenges of real life. We try to bring out the best in the child and nurture their potential and talent. While the children are initiated to all the modern things at the same time they are also made to practice our old value system so that they remain firmly rooted to our rich and old culture. Apart from giving formal education to the students by the teachers of our schools, an emphasis is also given on their personality development we believe in giving quality education to students to inculcate knowledge, skill and leadership so that our student play a meaningful role in nation building.

I can proudly say that we have managed to create an environment where the creativity and innovation of students can be coupled with inculcating discipline and a sense of achievement in them to make them capable of producing the desired results.

We understand that these achievements are the building blocks for achieving further heights.

Mr. J.K Gaur - Founder

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