1. Respect : We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, celebrate individuality, value and appreciate diversity, honour self and others through words and actions

2. Integrity : We stand up for what we believe, be honest with ourselves and others

3. Responsibility : We take responsibility for our actions, our future, our school, and our community. We look to ourselves to do what needs to be done

4. Discipline : We sweat the small stuff because we know that excellence in the small things provides a foundation for the success

5. Learning : We strive to learn from everything we do. We always work to get better to support our students and community at large

6. Enthusiasm : We remain positive even when things are tough. We show our positivity daily. Our positive spirit gives us strength

7. Effective communication : We have meaningful conversations to move and communicate our thoughts in a powerful & persuasive manner to our community

8. Quality : We only accept quality work from ourselves and others. We demonstrate a strong work ethic to accomplish our academic and career goals

A School with a Global Vision

J.K.G believes in providing quality education by ensuring:

1. Innovative learning,

2. Continual improvement of existing teaching processes,

3. Nurturing of talents, building a learning environment for all stake holders (Students, Teachers, Parents, & Society),

4. Developing linkages with other schools for providing global learning opportunity for students.

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