JKG International School, Indirapuram


Let the shroud of darkness be lifted by the beacon of light through the blazing torch of education.Our mission is to develop young individuals who are active and creative, empathetic & compassionate, courageous but composed and passionate to society.We believe the veil of ignorance should be raised by expansion of knowledge, exploration of capabilities and harnessing of energy.

Young minds are impressionable -What they learn,they follow the same. If good values are imbibed at the right time, then a child becomes spiritually, morally and intellectually blessed. They not only become treasures of society but they create a hope for Utopia.

By the next three years, the school will help students become entrepreneurs to that they become part of skilled India and lead India independently.


Our vision is focused to create a school community where children participate, excel and are proud of their achievements. We aspire to provide our pupils the best & the latest information to update themselves , to find themselves at par with this competitive world.

Each day we provide a balanced approach towards learning, giving the parents peace of mind that their child is in safe hands. We recognize that curriculum is more than what appears in manuals or a series of activities. We believe curriculum is everything that happens in the classroom from interaction and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate. We develop in children the life skills that go beyond reading, writing and mathematics.