The building is architecturally well designed with well ventilated, spacious, air conditioned rooms. The rooms have been provided the state of Art Interactive Boards for better learning and understanding, thus adding, another feather to its cap.

The school is also furnished with well equipped labs to cater to the scientific zeal of the students. We also have full time medical facility with all the required equipments for the same. A newly built centrally air conditioned auditorium with latest audio and visual system has been designed to cater to the needs for organizing successful events and workshops. There is AV Hall which makes their imagination concrete and they get a clear vision of what they learn.


A class room at J.K.G. is not a mere class room , it is a room of teaching , observing, learning and interacting. Our classrooms are digital with Web Support and state of art Interactive Touch Screen Boards. Students are given much exposure to multimedia based lessons so that they retain more of what they learn.


Wisdom without practical Knowledge is just like water in desert. For imparting practical knowledge to our students, we have separate Physics, Biology and Chemistry labs. Students are given ample opportunity to develop their ideas and projects and learn the most of what they learn in books.


With the country going Digital, the need of the hour is empowering the students technologically. We have computer labs with latest Software to be at par with the outside world. Pupils get ample opportunity to grow their digital skills. What they have learnt is tested by time to time competitions of Making Websites, Movie making, DJ Mixing & Web Designing.


No one can deny the importance of a book. One can become technologically advanced but books still hold their charisma. To develop the reading habits of the students a vast library is maintained in the campus. Books of various subjects, knowledge, Best sellers, magazines and newsletters don the shelves of the library. As or founder chairman is a voracious reader the library has been thriving with rich literature.


A scientifically designed auditorium serves as the cultural platform for students. Grand events have been organized from time to time to sizzle the stage. The auditorium is fitted with advanced music systems & Projector.


The school has proper medication facilities for students. There are trained medical professionals. The school conducts health check-ups at regular intervals. The reports are sent to the parents for their reference.


The school provides I-Guardian Facility to parents for instant access to their ward’s whereabouts. Any parent can access his/her child’s report card, disciplinary report, fee schedule, etc. on the school website. Every parent is given a separate account for his/her child.